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Lesson: Lily–kaufman cards & then music

May 15, 2015

After doing some work with the phoneme cards we went straight to Kaufman Cards. Today we used the signing series which is the Action card box. This is great because you can act out what the card is doing which gives some movement to cards like ‘walk’ and ‘run’. It helps Lily focus. We did nearly half the box before Lily lost interest. She sat on the floor for these but for at least 20 minutes maybe 30.

During the Kaufman cards I decided to try ILS while we sorted the cards out.  I asked simple questions at first and added more complex things like requiring her to count objects or recall words. She succeeded with little effort.  The music seemed helpful at the least and not at all harmful.  She listened for 30 minutes before taking it off.  Classical intro phase of music.

Im looking forward our next listening session.

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