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Starting with the bears

My day did not go as planned today–we did little compared to what I had planned.  But what we did we did it well.

Beginning with the three bears puzzle.  It incorporates emotions and proper clothing for the proper people (size/type of person relationship). Lily did very well dressing for the proper occasions switching seamlessly for night clothes at night for sleeping to day clothes for daytime.  She even added raincoats for rainy days.  Maggie played along and did well taking turns.  She is very good & has a quick eye for puzzles.  She’s talented with putting them together.  Even complex ones.

I set up a color activity today (Montessori color tablets) but Lily would have nothing to do with them.  This is surprising because she loves bowls of little things especially colorful ones.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Maggie however did very well matching colors.   She avoided putting them from darkest to lightest but was very good at answering the question correctly when asked which was darker & isolating those two colors.

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