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General update

We covered a lot of material this week of which I did not post out of sheer exhaustion by the end of day I did not stay up to post.  Maggie and I went over the water cycle together however Lily did not learn about it because she had not woken up yet (very early morning).  I intend on recovering this later with plants.

maggie additionally did a color sheet which focused in on parts of the plant.

we have worked extensively on colors.  Different sorts of Montessori style color boards with matching colors paired with fine motor skills like pegs in holes.   We have also worked with the color tiles.

Sand letters are a favorite in the house practiced almost daily.  The kids go through the alphabet and trace the sand tiles, upper case, lower case & cursive . We talk about the letter & its sound.  I add DuBard method to each letter.  And if it’s a sound that has a different short/long sound we cover both together.

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