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This morning our pegboard cylinder set came in the mail.  I couldn’t wait to see Lily’s reaction to it.  It is a very small copy to the real Montessori one but it helps to grasp the same concept.  I figured if she could use a small version she will know exactly what to do with the larger version when she sees it in a school setting. There are 4 rod blocks.  I only put 2 out to start with.  To get her to actually place the pegs in versus ordering them in a line I recite the 3 bears with her (which is a favorite book/script). Each peg goes to bed in its hole. We talk about its too big or too small (the hole) in reference to the storyline. Also too deep if the peg is too short.  She grasped that concept today too & started using it to describe her actions as they were unfolding. We talked about everything we were doing & because she did so well I laid out all 4 bars at a time and she nailed it.  I’ve never been so proud.  She’s going to do just fine in school.  Wait until everyone sees what she can do. 🙂

image image image image image

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