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Math & Blocks

Our two activities that were the most productive today revolved around number rods & open ended block & color/building play.  I tried not to be too hard today as Lily has been losing interest in the harder concepts & walking away from activities which has caused me concern.  So I’ve stepped back to make the task lighter, yet still giving the kiddos meaningful tasks to accomplish.

Here we are working with number rods:

I combined several ideas with the number rods otherwise the children have a hard time focusing on the rods if they aren’t taking turns

We worked with:

  1. number rods set
  2. small counting sticks (colored) with number tiles
  3. number rod worksheet Velcro
  4. counting dots (used just the tiles)

My observations:

  • Lily has no problem recognizing number symbols.
  • Maggie has improved dramarically with number recognition.  She still gets confused with some symbols.
  • We began with a number rod.  Lily can count the rod & tell me which number it represents as well as Maggie.
  • We then matched a tile with corresponding number rod. Lily did well, maggie had some difficulty but much less than last month.
  • we then used to counting sticks to display whichever number we were working on.  Lily did this activity well and lost interest halfway through.  Too many things at once.
  • After each number rod was introduced Lily used the laminated number chart to display numbers being worked on.  She matched rod cards to number cards.
  • maggie colored in with blue & red crayons each number rod keeping ‘score’. Practicing numbers as well handwritten.



A favorite activity is the rainbow blocks.  The children love to build & these are laid back fun favorites that all match color so that you can throw that element in there during play as well as matching & grading colors.

Worksheets revolved around matching, choosing taller or shorter than   Big & small.  Same & different. biggest & smallest too.



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