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Sorting box intro

Today was our first day with the sorting box.  It’s a wooden box with slits to drop in tiles pertaining to color, shapes (although not much shapes), and counting.  Counting is with both symbols & counting the objects.  Match symbol to counting pairs (picture) or counted objects to objects.

Lily was disinterested during the intro.  She watched her iPad & ignored maggie and I.  But after a bit she followed through with the color portion even though her strength is numbers. Maggie did very well.  Through this activity I learned her main numbers to focus on are 4, 6 and 9. Symbols are fuzzy with her right now.  Her counting skills are excellent.


We also also worked on shapes.  We matched each shape with its card (getting through 5 shapes) because we talked so much about them counting sides & comparing.

At the end of day to go over Maggie’s learned material she and I got out the spindle box & focused on number recognition.  We then used the number tiles for recall.

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