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Shelf work Day 2


The picture above represents work Maggie did with shape matching today.  She is remembering the names of shapes.  Prism.  Ovaloid.

The picture below is of the Slit game that Lily was not interested in this particular day.  It has been great helping Maggie with her number recognition skills

ok.  So the first day of shelf work did not go as planned but today was terrific.  I started the kids out by setting out their rugs on the floor near the kitchen table (which was set up with the cursive moveable alphabet for later).  I selected one activity for each from the shelves that I knew best represented that kiddo.  It worked. They immediately became interested & sat down.  They tended to their own projects without interrupting the other. The one time Lily said “mine” after I explained we were taking turns & it was Maggie’s project just then, Lily was great. She patiently awaited her turn.

The pictures above are the shelf layout.

Maggie started with shape matching today with similar matching shaped objects.  She was pretty well focused & asked many questions for assurance that answer was correct.  But towards the end she was ready to end this project until I picked a few cards up & continued on.  She completed the job.  

While Maggie worked on shape matching Lily worked on & chose the activity herself, matching her DuBard word cards to pictures.  She independently worked without a problem after I started her off with a pattern.


This setup was chosen by the girls too   While Maggie chose the colors Lily wanted them & decided to continue on with the project she asked for instead.  Proud moment.


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