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Wednesday’s work

Today did not go over as well as yesterday for Lily. HowevervMaggie was satisfied with her materials. Maggie additionally worked on writing her babe today on dotted line sheets I prepared.

We started out fine as Lily chose the bead tray with patterns.  She sat on the floor & I helped her with her mat.  At first, Lily was not interested at all in the pattern cards.  After allowing her space & time for stringing activity time (on the rods) I asked her to complete a pattern for me.   After refusing it three times I tempted her with a new pop up book set back from Xmas. She complied without hesitation.  Then she got her bug pop up book.  We all read it together.


Maggie chose the rod activity with pattern cards.  She likes vertical builds.

Maggie then moved on to number cards & counting.  

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