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The holiday weekend


So daddy was home for quite a few days on the holiday week through New Years so this set us off track a bit.  But it was fun to include him in the activities.  Most work on the shelves revolved around math, counting, some language (DuBard), colors….after a day or so I changed it out completely to more prepped activities related to science that were fun to handle.  It was too much science at once but the kids enjoyed it.  We haven’t finished out setup yet but I’ve taken out the frog cycle because that has been explored already by both kiddos. Twice. It’s a favorite.


We made it through the number rods lesson twice.  Pictured above is Lily but maggie made the lesson the second go around.  Lily reviewed the material twice 1-6 bars as well as Maggie (once).  Next is 6-10.  Then adding them together & covering it all.

This was our very full selection to do of things on our shelf.  Although not current as today was more plant related.  I’ve focused on plant life cycle (bean because it’s generic) oak trees, trees in general, pumpkins, flowers…

I haven’t covered placing a pitcher or carrying a mat yet but that is on my list. Materials are ready.


I also added a big medium small exercise with poms & pictures not in photograph.

Lily immediately took interest to the bee.  She matched & sequenced cycles, matched cards, and matched each figure to its place.

I created some work books for line drawing & writing skills that pertained to plants. Also pictured is pumpkin materials.



The past two days we’ve focused on life cycles.  Our next step will be to grow a plant together after the cycle is better understood.

Maggie was very interested in the difference between living & non living things  before she even got dressed this morning!

And of course more presentation stuff just because I can’t remember what I’ve posted.

Again, the frog was a favorite.

And Maggie enjoyed revisiting the butterfly again.

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