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Counting rods &Worksheets

Of keys album:  lesson A,

number rods have been completed 1-10  (Presentation A)

carrying a mat has been practiced by Lily.


Above are the worksheets we worked on today. Cut & paste.

Today we worked on the number rods.  Previously, we focused on 1-6. Today we got through 7-10 & covered the others in unison at the end of the lesson. This completes the first phase of the number rods for now.  We will revisit them soon & add extensions.

We also did a little work in practical life with learning how to carry a mat although maggie wasn’t as interested.  Lily enjoyed it.

We worked on worksheets that were all about cutting and pasting.  Lily let me help her cut across paper   Her scissor grip is very weak at this point.  But she is trying.  Maggie is doing great with scissors.

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