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The Knobbed Cylinders & Pink Tower

Well, we started out with thevknobbed cylinders today.   The idea was to move on to the knobless cylinders and add them to the mix (as Lily suggested) but lunch was in order & the pink tower sparked their interest & I couldn’t disappoint.  The girls worked beautifully together with the cylinders as always, taking care as they explored.  My mom took notice (as she helped today) to the kiddos finding the proper knobs for the holes.  It was quick & with certainty when it was certain.  Maggie does very well with the blocks.  As does Lily.  I will make note of exactly which they are best at on the next post related.

Introducing the pink tower was not an easy task.  Because of what it is the kids were both drawn to it at the same time wanting to grab at the pieces and quickly go to work with them.  It was hard to resist letting them discover it on their own and presenting it to them.  Part if me wanted to jet them discover it for themselves but I knew that certain care woukdnt be taken without proper modeling.  We have many blocks that we freely build with.  So it’s hard to differentiate without proper exposure.   In this process, Lily became restless & list interest although Maggie was quite involved & I tad her full attention.  Because mom was with us today & she picked up a new activity with Lily I was able to continue on with Maggie leading her into the smallest cube fitting the shelf of all the other cubes below it.  After some time when Lily returned she retained interest when I mentioned “magic”.   I showed her the top angle of the towers well as Maggie & they both awed over the shape.   We will revisit the tower again soon with hopes Lily takes her time next time.  I also played the take a cube away game with Maggie & had her dictate and replace to it’s  spot in the tower.

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