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Above is Maggie working on knobless cylinder patterns.  Also, our new ant farm which has grown quite a bit since this photo was taken a day ago.


Last weekend I had a Montessori Certified teacher who happens to be a new friend also, come over & help me access the Montessori materials in house & the current teaching style I have right now.  She advised me with activities to prepare the shelves with & said to work on sensorial materials mainly.  So I’ve changed the materials to pouring excercises & tranferring activities.  The brown stairs are out & the pink tower for manipulation. The knobbed cylinders as well.

Maggie enjoys patterns of any sort.

We also planted the bean seedlings as they were sprouting out of their cups and now they are growing on the kiddos kitchen in the window.  The kids like checking the new growth each day.


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