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Making Things More Simple Part II

As a continuation of the last post.

The kiddos are very much into numbers.


Work with the blue triangles.


Maggie working with constructive triangles.


Lily & constructive triangles. We have worked very little with these.

Working with math worksheets counting with the number stairs.


Lily loved the geometry cabinet. Specifically the circle drawer. She learned proper spacing with prompting when she would forget to space her circles.  She did very well matching solid, thick lined & thin lined cards.  We went over some language.

Maggie has been working with the metal insets.  She’s doing a great job but her pencil grip is still weak.  I’m hoping it improves with the insets.


We took out the binomial cube & worked the puzzle. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But Maggie sailed through it after one mistake. I didn’t get pictures of her actually doing it because I was so impressed I forgot to photograph it!

I pulled out a sensory tray and we spilled kinetic sand in that looked somewhat the same color as dirt.  I put in small plastic ants for fun at the end of the day because it was easy & fun & well deserved.  We are working on ants right now & watching an ant farm grow so this had a fit in theme.


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