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What we did yesterday

The kids are starting to use real China to eat with & on.  It has made a difference in their interest of setting the table.  And particularly Lily’s interest in eating with utensils & drinking from an actual cup.  Lily drinks from cups but her timing is poor because she doesn’t practice enough.  She doesn’t like the spill.  But I gave solved that by draping towels or aprons on get so she doesn’t mind the mishap & is getting much better at it as a result.




We worked with a lot of different math materials but began with the red rods. I did the best I could do as a formal introduction but the kids would come & go. It seemed to spark their interest much more when they realized something else that they were familiar with, the number rods, were the same size.

The kids working with the numbers rods & counting.


The kids matched number rods to symbols.

The kids learned the red rods are the same size as the number rods. So they paired them accordingly.


The kids working on hanging bead stairs.

I introduced the teen board to Maggie. She wanted to count beyond 10 & see the numbers change.

This was the last setup for the shelves. It has changed.  What you see above us a mixture of pouring water from a flask like topped crystal bottle into 2 glasses. Marked with blue tape. The pitcher is for resetting.  The touch boards I’ve kept on the shelf as we haven’t had a formal introduction to this yet.  There is also a spooning excercise that I gave taken off the shelf that involved a large spoon & black eyed peas/split peas.  The pink tower. The brown stairs I am keeping.  The knobbed cylinders have been removed for now.  The cross tower has remained as it has not been explored.

Added to the shelves:

  • pouring activity, rice in a canister to a bowl or glass.
  • Hanging bead stairs, 1-9, 11, 19.
  • Control bead & activity* to be added.

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