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Plants & Ants

Above pictured is Lily spooning flower shapes into small, medium & large sections in her crystal piece to the right. Lily is also drinking from a glass easily.  She was so proud she asked me to photograph her drinking from her open glass cup.

The majority of this day revolved around plants.  We have previously gone over the life cycle of the plant with charts, coloring, and worksheets.  Many materials have been very hands on like inflatable figures of a plant that you can build & detach via Velcro.  To learn flower parts.  So we’ve not just studied the plant growth cycle but also its parts & what they do.  More recently we did a flower experiment with food coloring & water dropping daisies into water glasses of color to watch the flower drink the water to learn how it’s stored.

We have also studied the bean plant extensively planting our own bean plants which allows an opportunity to study the root growth & see the parts & cycle at the same time.  So having said that we returned to our plant activity after we had germinated & planted the seeds to see how our plant has grown & what it’s doing.

Part of the plant setup on the table.

We used leaves and petals as items to sort because they were plant related to parts.  An old steamer basket was a great tool to use as a sorter. I set out tongs to be used to move around objects but the ice tongs became the quick favorite.

Lily joined in interested in Maggie’s project on the floor after noticing the mess of leaves & petals everywhere.  She had a very tactile day on this day both with this project & rice pouring.

Lily did do great pouring with other activities so I didn’t push too hard with this.



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