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Plants & Ants Part II





As A continued post.

Above is plant & ant setup on table.

Sorting petals & leaves with tongs.

Maggie has mastered pouring especially with dry materials. She spills rarely.

Sorting leaves & petals.


The kids bean plant has grown well enough to have learned the entire cycle except for flowering & making the bean. They are able to see all the plant parts.

Maggie working on the plant life cycle cards of a bean.

Lily working on the plant parts.

Focus is plant parts. This is an inflatable model of a flower that can be put together & taken apart to study parts.

More plant parts.


Plant life cycle work with the flip chart & matching worksheets. The girls take turns on the dry erase flip chart & then copy to their worksheets. This was a numbering activity. Steps.


The setup for our dye flower experiment.


One of my favorite plant science experiments.

Edited with Polarr Photo Editor
working on categories of plants.

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