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A set up to study botany & leaf shapes.  We have discussed the life cycle of a plant & even planted our own plant labeling it’s parts to understand how they work together. We’ve even studied how the environment affects plants in the way of how rain provides the water for growth & how that water gets absorbed by the plant (in our food coloring project with flowers.). Now the focus is in a broader sense of plant parts being the leaves specifically.  We will be exploring their shapes for matching, memory & fine motor skills with their puzzle form.  Additionally we will be tracing their shapes to practice writing skills.  We will be learning how these shapes fit into the world around us.  We have started this by collecting leaves which will be matched to the shapes in the leaf cabinet.  This will teach them these shapes can be found in the environment & not just on trees, as they collect these familiar shapes.

Above pictured is Lily working with the slit box.  She has chosen color circles in this one.  Maggie is working in tracing leaf shapes.

Above pictured is Maggie working on leaf patterns & Lily on the slit box.


Maggie shows her leaf.

Lily uses the slit box. The table set up.

Maggie uses the knobless cylinders & patterns (extension).

Maggie works on hanging number stairs. She has added 11-19 herself.

Lily works with knobless cylinders & patterns.


Maggie with the slit box & Lily matches patterns with the knobless cylinders.

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