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Pouring Activities. Practical Life


Above pictured is Lily and Maggie doing their grow an egg.  It was done around the same time as our chicken display.  It gave them an idea of how long it might take an egg to crack and why the egg does in fact crack.  Because the thing inside grows until it breaks the shell.   Maggie is also pictured working on the trinomal cube.

Practical life pouring and sifting.

Part of language with the pink series.  These are printed out laminate cards with the initial sound missing. A picture is next to the word to help with spelling.

A shelf set up.

Maggie works on the teen board matching beads visually to the numbers they represent symbolically.  Lily works on matching patterns with pattern cards & fine motor skills at the same time by threading beads.

Lily working on Rosetta Stone Language learning with her Dynavox.

Handwriting without tears.  Using the wooden pieces to build letters.  This is an activity that works on capital letters to start with.  So the kids are working on capitals in this picture.  Included are their workbooks and slate boards where they write their letters.  Maggie independently does very well with this.  Lily does well with the chalkboard and is attempting to write in her workbook all by herself.


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