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Older work. Catch up post!


Maggie sifts while Lily pours red rice.

Lily works on pouring skills with a glass pitcher into glasses.  Using dry material, in this case rice.  She has her favorite animals with her.& I don’t mind as she gets her own time to play with the materials (mostly practical life sensory stuff) as her reward for doing the job as it is intended.  She is beginning to take it Alon herself to do his knowing that free time is available to play with her animals as long as she attempts the excercise just once.  It doesn’t matter how well she does it as long as she tries.

Lily works on sorting & spooning beans.  The sorting didn’t go over too well on this go around.  But lily did spoon the beads nonetheless.

Maggie sifts while Lily explores the different bean textures and spoons/pours.

This is a handwriting without tears mat man lesson.  We build mat man while listening to the mat man song on the HWT musical CD that goes with their program.  This takes pressure off of drawing it right & we practice learning the names of the wooden pieces which is key to the method of learning capital letters in their program. Little curve, big curve, small line, big line.


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