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Another catch up post

This is mat man.  After we build him with the letter pieces we physically draw him on paper to the same song. The kids love this.

Here is a math setup.  Maggie is working with the counters matching symbols and the hanging bead stair is put in place for Lily.

The hanging bead stair 11–19. Lily also works with the stamp game for the first time.  With the stamp game you replace the golden beads with tiles with the numerical symbol instead of it just being a visual aide.


Above is the pink series language series where you match the word to the picture. I then have the kids spell out the word with the moveable alphabet.  Additionally, we add handwriting without tears with a double lined chalkboard where each kiddo then writes the word on the board after sponge practice if they like.  The sponge is optional.

We see above the kiddos are working on initial letter sounds in three letter words.

Above Lily works on the association method word to picture matching cards. This is a review of older material.

Working with the geometric solids.  We match the shapes to their corresponding cards.  We’ve just successfully started following through with their 3 part set too. The girls are matching the words. Lily can read them. Maggie reads what she can and matches visually the rest.

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