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Geometry and things



Above pictured is the girls working on different drawers of the geometry cabinet.  They are using cards on the mats as the place holders to put the according piece in.

Maggie has down time with the dog.


This is for me as a cheat sheet for later. Lol.

Maggie works with the three part cards & shapes.

Maggie works with the triangle box.

Lily works on simple addition with the bead stairs and worksheets.

The large hexagon box too.

Above picctured is our first presentation of the life cycle of an apple.  We also studied the apple parts & will bring the apple parts back up in a week or so including a real apple to dissect and label the parts.  Lily did exceptionally well matching up the three part life cycle cards & the apple parts cards too as well as maggie.

Lily works with three part animal cards.  Matching picture to picture and word to picture then lastly object to card set.

Maggie works with the metal insets.

Lily contimues matching animals.

Maggie works in sorting with tweezers and turning caps to open bottles. Fine motor skills.  Lily needs more work with this but with a tong variation too.

Maggie working on sorting colors into tubes with tweezers and tongs.  Fine motor skills.


These are three part animal cards.  Added are figurines of each item.  There are two sets.  One is with wood the other a matching activity word to object that is paper.  Lily does very well with this activity reading most every word.  Many are sight words memorized also like tiger. Her interest is the animals so we feed off of that.


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