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A shelf display.

We have our shelves with 2 parts right now.  The kiddos seemed bored with the usual sensorial & practical life materials so I picked 2 subjects in science and we’ve explored that. One is sea turtles. The other is the solar system. Maggie has been asking a lot of earth questions and about the moon too.  She is asking who is on the other planets and what they are like as though they are continents.  After we discuss the planets again and talk about how there is only life in our planet–we will delve again into what our planet is made up of. I think I’ll add the land, air and water display again.  We will bring out the sandpaper globe and talk about these elements & like planting a bean, the earth needs these things to make life as well.  Then we will introduce landforms as the unit is finished being prepared.  We will talk about different kinds of land and how it is shaped by water.   Finally, we will discuss continents.  I am introducing them on the shelf this week via simple atlas books. We will read, look and find places on the globe. I’d like to do a section on Mississippi & Louisiana.  And our hometown too.

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