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Here the kids are working on reading & writing skills.  We choose a vowel box from the pink series Montessori language set.  Then I choose some card matches word to picture & stir them up. The kids match the word to the appropriate picture.  After this they spell the word out with the moveable alphabet.  They follow through with writing the word on the chalkboard.  Lily writes in both print & cursive with hand over hand assistance.  Additionally, we go over the phonenes in each word in the association method via Northampton symbols.

Maggie above has impressed me with her rhyming word box.  I took it out and tried it with her as she has been hesitant to work with it.  Lily Jas had an easier time learning to read than Maggie. So Maggie tends to shy away from reading in knowing that.  But this time she didn’t.  Because she is great at picking up on patterns she matched the ending sounds well with each rhyming card without the need to process all of the information but still get it right.  She did great.  Success.


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