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Math with Beads

Math has become a favorite for me to watch the kids explore.  They are becoming more & more sure of themselves with each use of the materials.  A few things have happened with math this past week.  Above we see the girls using the beaded hanging stairs.  They are Buildimg 1-9 and then 11-19.  Both kiddos love this.  Just this week Lily has independently learned the motor planning it takes to get the hook on the eye of the bead chain segment or checkerboard beads.  She was so excited after knowing this had happened.  And proud.  Maggie worked with the stamp game for the first time.  She loved the concept of adding together very large numbers.  We added numbers in the thousands and individualized each one.  Then added those tiles together to reach our answer.  Additionally, Maggie realized the beaded material in math equations (our worksheets with beaded stair simple addition) were representations of symbolic math equations.  Such as 1 +1=2.  She saw the equation in the math equation tile box for simple addition.  We then matched that equation to a bead stair problem.  It clicked.  Lily has always excelled with math with the bead stair. I am amazed at how far she has come.  And I’m very happy she has that freedom of fine motor skills to get the beads on the stair herself now.

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Maggie worked with the stamp game learning how to trade her beads for actual number representations of numbers.  She did a great job understanding each tile and it’s worth forgetting a few times naturally it being a new concept.  Side by side to the beads the concept was easily understood and she quickly caught on.


Maggie works with adding large numbers with the stamp game.


Maggie works with simple addition and her worksheets.


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