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We have focused the past week and a half on math & language especially.  I’ve been combining association method material in between times while Maggie solves a problem and Lily plays with a toy as she awaits her next turn/word. In the above pictures you see the girls working with the pink series kit material and the moveable alphabet.  Additionally, you see Handwriting without tears boards for practice writing & paper & pencil were included here as well.

Take note the iPad on the table.  Lily gets to play her iPad in between working items.  It used to be the only way to get her to sit still for prolonged periods of time.  But I found it was a tool to educate her from & she payed attention to it because it was her iPad.  So I learned to teach her phonics and letter sounds & practice things like articulation from the iPad. But as we needed to get on to more physical objects and less electronics she could not stay still even then. So the iPad was a way to add language to what we were doing (I locked it on a program called Speech Stickers) and get Lily to stay seated in between writing, coloring, worksheets, and cards etc.  This day is different.  Lily brought the iPad to the table with her.   But she did not turn it on.  She waited in between her turn with my assistance and Maggie’s. She paid careful attention to what I was showing Maggie. And played with her stuffed cat patiently.  Her crutch has been thrown away.  And she did it all by herself.



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