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The small bead frame

I haven’t introduced the small bead frame to the girls yet as we have just begun to process of learning the stamp game after the introduction to the decimal system was accomplished.  These are still concepts that need work so I’ve been hesitant to bring out another tool.  But Maggie showed an interest & pulled it from the cabinet. So we applied it. I did the same with the bead frame as we did with the intro to the stamp game and with tiles & the golden bead material.  We matched numbers with tiles to the bead frand as the activity   But first we reviewed the intro to the decimal system and matched each bead bar on the frand to its value. This helped the kids understand the beads did not each equal one, but like the bead bars and squares and cubes they represent different things.

The shelves have a mix out.  Many materials were chosen by the kids. The Slit box incorporates matching with simple colors and numbers too which require more concentration. It’s a nice transition activity between harder materials and lessons. I have a scale out for use with the weighted tablets. It’s was an interesting way to get the kids to sit still to feel the weight of the wood of the pieces long enough for me to explain the concept.  We haven’t sat down to do this yet. But Lily did find interest in weighing the blocks & we touched up on heavy and light. Adding heavier than and lighter than to the language too. The number rods are out with tiles for matching. The small bead frame and checkerboard bead box for counting.  The golden beads with intro to the decimal system us out for explaining the bead bar. I also have the small hexagon box out with laminated cards for construction ideas, and the triangle box. On the table I displayed the knobbed cylinders with knobless cylinders and laminated pattern cards for the knobless cylinders.

Above lily explores weight.

Shelves & table above.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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