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Pink tower

This is a partial post off my last one. Lily above is building the pink tower. She is building it differently now.  I am still working with her on the handling of the materials.  She doesn’t bang the blocks together but they could be placed with more care. So I’ll model more of that.  The one thing she is doing that I’ve noticed that is wonderful is she is self initiating working with the tower. She saw it and immediately sat down with it.  She stayed focused. And she didn’t just build the tower.  In the past she might have gotten one shape ‘incorrectly situated’ and not corrected the pattern.  She does is with ease now. If she notices a wrong placement she immediately fixes it. And is pleased with her own work.

The cross tower is pictured also. We are just touching on the fact that the two towers ‘fit’ together.  We have started putting ‘hats’ on the pink tower blocks to learn about the matching sizes. Lily also built the cross tower with ease. Except the top piece needs to be sanded down to seat properly so it’s skewed to stand up. Lol.


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