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Bird Bingo

We haven’t studied the animal kingdom yet, but we’ve discussed it in brief.  I’ve introduced the words mammal, reptile, etc. both when asked about a certain animal & just spontaneously to plant a seed for some lesson later.  But we do study all types of living things. We just are focusing more on living, non-living, plant or animal right now.  Birds are a topic the kiddos started getting interest in.  Both girls realized the different colors of birds around them.  When I started using names to identify them with their color like red bird and Cardinal, blue bird & blue jay, the kids took notice.  One day Maggie called a red bird a cardinal & I thought it time to pull out a bird book.  Without going into too much detail I plan on gathering a presentation together about birds for the future.  Foods they eat, how they are helpful to us & the environment, and their body structure.  Maybe even why they can fly.  Until then we are enjoying talking about them & playing simple matching games so identification is easier later if they choose bird watching as a hobby later.  I will add binoculars to the list of activities too once we get a good 3-4 bird types learned that are back yard birds.

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Above Maggie looks at a bird book.  She eventually thumbed her way to the back if the book where she told me the index and glossary were boring because they were filled with tiny words & no pictures.  I immediately picked up a bird card on display and read the name out loud.  I then proceeded to look that name up on those boring pages.  Then we turned to those pages & read about said bird.

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