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Metal insets


I re arranged the shelves last night though I failed to photograph them as of yet.  Mostly Sensorial and a little bit of math with the teen board.  Also available are the metal insets. Maggie is familiar with these but has begun to take her time using them now.  She shaded in shapes today but also attempted at straight horizontal lines to fill the shape as well.  Lily sat today and attempted use if them for the first time by herself using both hands to hold and write with. This is a huge step as she is also drawing pictures and coloring and painting without hand over hand assistance too.

The kids attacked the metal insets early morning before eating breakfast or even getting dressed for that matter.  It is nice to see them excited about a material & learning.  Lily did very well for independently handling the insets.  She held it with one hand and traced with the other.   Quite often she had a good pencil grip but needed but lower her hand on the pencil.  She doesn’t have grippers on the colored pencils for hand placement and they are thinner than their fat pencils.

Lily sat down to build the pink tower. But when she was finished she added one if her wooden chocolate pieces of candy from her play kitchen.  She placed it perfectly on top adding a new creative addition.


This picture was taken some time back but I wanted to upload it in case I didn’t earlier. I’ve created graphics with it but wasn’t sure if I had the original pic.  Lily spells the word lip with the moveable alphabet.

On the shelves are the metal insets, the number rods with number tiles and a laminated rod chart.  The chart is to gently remind them to use the numbers. Or that symbol matching is an alternative activity.  There are also pattern cards to build the rods into different shapes & patterns. Their are combination cards of red rods & number rods also. The brown stairs are out.  They have pattern cards too for size and visual discrimination skills.  There are combination cards for the brown stairs & the pink tower too.   The pink tower is displayed with cards too. The math activity is the teen boards with needed bead material. The spindle box is out so we can talk about zero & it is a favorite simple activity.  I have been leaving the cross tower out more often & recently went through matching it up with the pink tower.  Lily put ‘hats’ on each block of the tower.

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