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Painting & Spelling


The girls showed an interest in painting last week.  They didn’t just paint but carefully painted.  So I took out the water colors. There are many steps to painting with water colors.  I don’t think I ever really realized how many. Lily used to have a hard time following the pattern of painting with them.  You have to wet a brush, dip if dry,  run it through paint or pigment, paint and if you want to switch colors repeat or dip again into water for a longer lasting brush. It’s seems simple enough.  But even still Lily might forget to dry her brush a bit before putting it into the paint which is a skill she will pick up the more she uses them. Maggie has learned to be careful with her things. She kept her area neat & organized & was careful with both her brushes & paints.  She also took guidance from me when it came to making the tip of her brush a fine point again.

Lily hangs up her artwork.

Above Maggie works on plant life cycle themed writing practice sheets.  We worked on various reading worksheets today but without photography.  I was too involved in keeping their attention to work to take a picture.  Most activities allow to step back for them but worksheets are boring within themselves & need someone to help them along with it for now.  Maggie does great independent work but still enjoys instructions to be explained to her.  Lily enjoyed the reading WSs because she loves to read.  They involved matching whole short sentences to the pictures they represent.  Not only is she getting better at reading but her slanted lines across the page from one point to the next are with definition and sureness.

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