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The girls have really enjoyed matching games recently.  Following their lead I’ve made them available.  I pulled 2 different games out & the dogs were chosen.  Maggie immediately said Sequoia (our Shepard) was a German Shepard after naming the dog.  We went on to find Timber as a lab and tried finding our stray/adopted dog that really adopted us, Woody (who is a hound mixed breed).  We settled between a few different types.  Lily really loved the terriers for some reason she picked out an entire grouping of them.  And poodles were a favorite also.  The game is Dog Bingo, but again, we use the game in a matching strategy and match tiles to the board which is harder than you think because dogs are generally the same shape.  It makes you search for characteristics that are more detailed.  Each dog matched or the ones where interest was shown, we looked up in the encyclopedia.

Above Maggie compares dogs in the encyclopedia with the board. Lily immediately noticed and went over to see the book.  Then this happened.

Lily walked over & joined Maggie looking at the book. They discussed and compared pictures together.  It was a beautiful thing to see them teaching each other and learning together.

Lily matches a dog tile to its matching dog breed on the board.

To make things more interesting the girls did a great impersonation of a growling dog.

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