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A morning surprise

We moved furniture around the house the other day to make shelves more accessible & to give me extra space to put out materials without having to rotate them as often but still giving access to prior materials the kids enjoy.  So one shelf landed in the living room in a very new place and Lily took notice as it was moved into place.  I put very few things on it, one being the pink tower and the other the cross tower.  I am learning the cross tower is not really talked about much on the Internet so I don’t gather much information on it other than what I can perceive. After building it at one point I noticed the faces matched the faces of the pink blocks (in their corresponding sizes).  So each block fit itself similar to the brown stairs etc. as all materials go together. You can imagine how impressed I was the first time Lily discovered this.

The morning after the shelf was set Lily woke up and sat near the shelf looking at the materials.  She pulled out a mat and after having a little trouble with it she flattened it out and pulled out the pink tower.  After building it she took it down and built it again.  Then she stood up and took the cross tower and tray off the shelf.  She sat it next to the built pink tower & built the cross tower too. Then she took a piece from the pink tower and then a piece of the cross tower & matched them together according to their size.  What a nice surprise for the morning.

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