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Spelling & Writing


We pulled out the pink series to match picture to words. We start out with about five words & matching pictures. The girls get a word & 2 images to choose from one being the word match. After reading & matching they spell out the word with the moveable alphabet then directly write the word onto a double lined board.  For future activities I plan on making more sound baskets with chosen sounds/letters such as the sandpaper letters with first sound objects to match.  We skipped right to pictures out of my lack of a figurine library. And we have pictures readily available.  Anyway, I plan on making more mini excercises including language on the shelves.

Recently, I added paper & pencil to this excercise but we left it out this time around because earlier in the day we worked with writing skills.

Above Maggie gets started matching word to picture & Lily gets her animals ready to watch her do her work.

Lily matches word to picture after reading the word.  It might look like she is playing because she is. She is playing & learning at the same time.  It helps her improve her focus. She isn’t always centered around toys.  Such as with math it seems just the beads are enough to organize her (the little pieces) enough to make her need to organize it into its pattern.  Everything has its place in math & follows a pattern.  But with English it helps to have her birds this particular time as they help her to find the correct answer & read the word.  When her attention directs itself elsewhere other than her work it’s easy to draw her attention back to her ‘helper’ so that they can help her finish her work, whatever it is. This might explain the abundance of toys around Montessori works.

At one point I attempted to remove play things.  But in the nature of modifying a method to fit an individual Childs needs Imfollowed the child & that’s when she started sitting still & learning.

Maggie writes her word & then proceeds to decorate it with hearts before starting a new word.

Lily spells out the word with the moveable alphabet then writes it on the board.

Lily visits Maggie to watch her work.

Lily spells out and writes a word.

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