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Continuing with the animal kingdom I set aside a few creatures to zero in on their body parts.  I added familiar items like the puzzle life cycles to remind the girls of what they’ve learned.  They were able to tell me the story of the visuals when I asked what we knew about frogs.  They are beginning to remember the term amphibian too & they already know what makes a amphibian special.

Maggie chose the butterfly to begin with.  The book has a nice description of each part.  I like how she opened the book carefully & used it as a guide to decide which card to start with after laying down each one.  She followed a page. Then found the appropriate matching card to that page. She then followed through with labeling.

Lily prepares to work on the frog parts while playing with her favorite life cycle critters.

Above Lily organizes her animals & lays out the frog for labeling parts.


Maggie above is proud of her work. Lily is labeling frog body parts, exterior.

Above you see a very full shelf.  Exactly like Lily likes it, all of her favorite animals in view.  I couldn’t decide how to lay out the animal kingdom.  The actual chart is way too technical.  I lay it out.  But it doesn’t resound like the animals they are familiar with.  The backdrops to the animals groups on the shelf is the whereabouts of that type of animal.  It’s not perfect.  But the kids are getting it.   It was profound for Lily to take the frog and move it from reptile to amphibian of which her sister placed it near snakes. She was proud when I acknowledged it.  I’ve combined familiar materials with new ones.  Because the girls have already covered certain life cycles I brought them out.  It was a nice combination to the new material of the body parts & gave them a chance to talk about what they’ve already learned. The charts are good in bits & pieces.  Where some of the information is too much the diagrams of environments with the living animal is useful.  There is a chart for each group.  And the chart is dry erase which allows for interactive finding of objects.

Above Magge works on worksheets.  Many are math themed.

Lily works on object classification.  Also seek & finds and some math too.  The worksheets seem so simple in comparison with the hands on materials they’ve used.

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