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Rainbows and sunbursts


The girls decided what they would do this particular morning.  I had other ideas but Lily immediately requested the rainbow after seeing writing works on the table.  So we set up the rainbow instead.

Lily combines the dollhouse toys with the rainbow.

Lily builds with the rainbow.

Maggie decided to work on the sun burst.  Lily took a break to play with her dolls.  Color grading is not my forte. I’m somewhat color blind have have minor problems differentiating color.  Thankfully my children do not have this problem.  We thought initially that we were missing a yellow tablet.  But after picking up I realized that we were missing it because it was so close to the color orange & we lost it in the orange pile.


Well, there are some definite errors above in grading but considering Maggie did most of the work I think it’s excellent. Lily added a few corresponding colored blocks to the center too.  It’s  much easier to photograph the grading to notice the color differences than with the naked eye.

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