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Puzzles A-Z




When we first started using these puzzles I can remember only placing out a few at a time.  We still do that on teaching sounds. But it was a joy to watch the girls build the alphabet with the bare puzzle boards & then work with the beginning letter sounds of each wor This is a fun way to incorporate letter sounds with reading words & fine motor skills.  It also works with visual spatial awareness for when a word is not being read but a shape is being looked for instead.

The girls started by laying out the puzzles in alphabetical order.  The puzzle pieces were mostly on the floor while this was happening.  Maggie picked them up & added them to the container to randomly choose shapes for placing.

Adter setting the boards up on the table we all realized it would not be an easy task to actually reach them all.  But the girls enjoyed reaching & carefully crawled and stretched their way to the boards they were looking for.

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In the midst of the puzzle work it started to pour rain & thunder outside.  Lily immediately ran & got the weather section from the flip calendar. She flipped it to rainy & then continued on with the puzzles after replacing it back to its position. I can remember a time I had to sing songs to get a response of what the weather was like.  Now she makes it a point to let me know.  Wonderful.

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