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Language & Math

Well, before we moved into English we discussed the date and time.  Lily has made it a point to let us know what day it is everyday.  We started with the wall calendar and made our way to the flip calendar.  Finally, the girls worked in the living room area and matched that calendar to the other two after finishing those.  They are learning different forms telling the day, date and time and understanding the terminology this way.

We started out the day working with the Pink Series matching words to pictures.  To add extra interest I added their “Eggspert” game that they received for Christmas to help make learning time more fun.  This added the feel of a quiz game and the girls loved seeing who could read the word first before they hit the buzzer.  It also helped us move through words faster and get the writing element out of the way as they often slow down during writing after they have matched the word wanting to move on to the next.  After matching the word to picture, they spelled it out with the moveable alphabet and then they wrote the word on their chalkboards and  finally on their paper with pencil .

I incorporated their word lists, where Lily did very well reading each word and Maggie had an easier time reading the words with other word comparisons I learned.  I thought less was more but in this case having words to associate the sound to has helped Maggie tremendously.  I noticed she had an easier time reading the lists versus the single word booklet.  Today Maggie’s vowel was “U” and Lily’s vowel was “A”.

While I set up for Math Lily worked on the Slit game specifically interested in counting dots instead of reading the numerals and matching the items accordingly.

Math was simple starting with the hanging number stairs 1-9 and then 11-19.  Both Lily and Maggie completed their number stairs.

Lily chose a math tray to practice 1-10 in numerals and quantity while working on keeping her environment tidy and organized, learning steps in sequence as she matched each number bar to it’s tile she moved on to color it with the appropriate pencil color.

Maggie chose a number puzzle to practice 1-10 and self corrected her upside down 6 after she realized it was indeed upside down.

Maggie also chose the number tiles and counters and used some cards I printed some time back to coordinate the counters onto the cards instead of using the wooden tiles.

The last activity chosen was by Lily who decided to give the alphabet puzzles a try.


She is very good at finding the matching pieces however she still has a hard time motor planning the pieces together as you have to lift these wooden pieces and snap them together versus sliding them together into themselves.  Though she has improved on this in all areas she still has a hard time with this particular puzzle.  Her use of the bead stair on the hanging bead stair activity is at perfection now.  She never gets frustrated as she has no problem getting the hooks on the eyes now.  Unless of course one is bent and she will be the first one to let you know.  Lol.  Overall, the girls had a good day while working on spelling and reading skills with some writing.  They also worked well with math skills and the fine motor skills it took to work the equipment.  And their turn taking abilities have gotten better with time and it shows with the use of their new quiz game buzzers.  I’ll add leftover English activities and Math to tomorrows day plan.  More later.

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