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Language and Math

Below the girls are working on math.  Solving addition problems with their checkerboard beads.  This is one of their favorite ways to do math.

In the gallery above, the girls are working on math, and some of their practice workbooks that include everything from language to math.  They love completing pages and putting a gold star at the top of the page.  They are working on their common core workbook counting to 100.  We will be doing more work with the hundred board now that they are showing interest.

The last photos (that came out very dark by the way because I forgot to change the camera exposure), are of the girls working in the hallway.  We separated sounds of words (isolated letters/sounds) on the chalkboard and then put them together to spell the word and read it.  The girls then used to moveable alphabet to spell the word on the floor resounding it out without looking at the blackboard.

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