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Geometry and Mat Man

The girls are working with geometry in this post.  I took out the geometry forms and paired them up with the geometry cabinet so the girls could look at both the two dimensional and three dimensional shapes at the same time.  I did something very non traditional as the girls asked me one day why we didn’t use the wooden geometry cabinet as stencils.  The girls wanted to draw different sized circles and saw those in the circle drawer of the geometry cabinet.  Following the child I decided to do as they asked.  So that’s what we did.  I covered the table in paper and we used them very much like the metal insets.  Except more variations of triangles and circles, etc.

Below is a geometry activity of 3 part cards.  Lily put them together after choosing this to work with.

Below we worked on Mat Man per the girls request and used the dry erase board opposed to the paper we usually work with.  I’ve learned why Lily has always preferred markers over crayons and pencils which is the strength it takes in the hand to apply pressure to the utensil to make the mark.  It’s all about grading force and being able to produce enough to write.  That combined with lack of proprioceptive input can be a daunting task.  So Lily loved her markers on this project because she was free of pencils and crayons for a little while.  The girls also like correcting their ‘mistakes’ if they don’t like the way the drawing is going….

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