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Beginning Grammar

We’ve started really exploring the use of grammar in language the past few weeks.  We’ve so far worked on Nouns and Verbs and added Articles.  We’ve touched up on adjectives too and a little preposition.  The girls are using the Montessori grammar symbols to learn the different parts of speech and it’s working beautifully, helping give them something tangible to the words like noun and verb.

The wooden symbols above represent the different types of language.  By color coding the sentences and the words in them it makes it errorless for the child to explore and talk through the choices they are making and why.

After the wooden symbols have been laid out we pick those up and use the grammar stamps on the same sentences.

Above the girls sort out nouns and verbs into categories.

Lily identifies nouns and articles.

this activity included the farm animals stamps and ink and a large piece of paper where on one side I wrote matching sentences to go along with the stamps they were using.  This gave them a good opportunity to use some adjectives too.  And prepositions.

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