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Below the girls are working on tablets that allow them to explore temperatures based on their sense of touch.  Their are two each of metal, stone, glass, and two different densities in woods.  Each material has a distinct touch and temperature…one is cooler than the next.  So while the girls are blindfolded or their eyes are tightly closed, they choose the coolest tablet based on their sense of touch.  They also match the tablets up to material.  Also in picture are tablets which are used to define weight.  Which is heaviest.  There are three sorts of woods, each has a different weight.  Again with the eyes hidden you practice feeling which is the heaviest or lightest.  As you add more pieces and mix them it can become increasingly difficult.  But it’s a fun game to explore the senses.

Ok, technically you’re not supposed to use the botany cabinet for stencil work and painting but I followed the child on this one.  The girls wanted to continue their efforts of collecting leaves and matching the different types by shape.  So they wanted to make their own.  I took out the watercolor pencils and they combined painting with the concept.

Reading above from an old hooked on phonics workbook.  Pretty sure it’s out of print now but it was a great find at an old used book store.

Above is a combination of things.  The girls are working on a review of their association method language learning which is a combination of phonemes, non sense words, and words.  The focus was instead of matching picture to word this time, more so on handwriting skills and oral recall.  We used sand trays to break up the handwriting practice into something the kids wanted to use as they requested it.  In between letter sounds the girls get to have sensory play which they love with their toys in the trays.

The end of the day fun with two of their favorites, the hotdog swing and the platform swing.  An added rotation device at the top of the swings has made for a more difficult experience for both to master.  Motor planning becomes harder as far as the hotdog swing is concerned…but it gives better range to the platform swing especially in standing and rotating.

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