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Learning Time and Speech Boxes

A few samples of some of the materials we have been working with.  Though primarily our major focus has been on reading and writing skills.

The girls have been working on telling time…so we started with skip counting by fives with the short five chain first, then the long five chain.  This made the transition easy to count by five minute intervals when using the montessori clock in comparison to the real clock on the wall.  The Melissa and Doug clock is a favorite so they use it alongside the montessori clock.

For fun above the girls did some sand art in a bottle.

Working with the Montessori sensorial activities above you see the girls with the knobbed and knobless cylinders in these pictures.  After building each separately they worked on putting the knobless cylinders into the knobless cylinder chambers on the knobbed cylinder square.   Not shown are placecard activities used to match with visual perception and pattern building.



Grammar board material.  The girls read sentences then build those sentences with each individual work and we talk about the parts of speech each word is.  Wooden symbols are placed above each part of speech that match their corresponding speech part.  The girls additionally broke down the parts of speech into the speech boxes this time around.


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