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Language and Math

The girls love Bob Books.  So we have the series and they read it at least 2-3 times a week.  We did an activity which incorporated the words we learn from Bob Books as a spelling test of sorts.  I called out words to each kiddo giving each a different word.  And they spelled out the word with the moveable alphabet then wrote that word on the lined blackboards.  We additionally used an app on their ipads which is similar to the moveable alphabet but gives you audible clues to what you are spelling as it sounds out each sound as they move the letters into place.

For math we pulled out the simple hanging bead stairs to reference the numbers we were working with on the teens and tens boards (Montessori Equipment) .  It gave Lily a chance to work on her fine motor skills which she is now perfectly putting the beads onto their hooks with ease and precision.  After working with the stairs we pulled out the Teen and Tens boards and used the golden beads to visually represent the numbers we were working on.  10, 20, 30, 40 then numbers in corresponding order from 10-20 then representing each category thereafter.   We also worked in some math workbooks to practice writing skills and used the sand numbers as a guide to remember the movements.


Above are pictures from our work with reading and spelling with the Dubard Method or Association Method.  In going over phonemes, letter sounds and associated words to see their usage in a word…..we use cards with the sound on it and match them to corresponding sounds on the board after reading the board and understanding each sound or word written on it.  So they pull a called out sound and match it to it’s sound on the board which helps with memorization and gives movement which increases learning.  After this is completed the words are paired up their picture cards.  We also do tracing and handwriting of each sound or word on paper after we’ve completed the above.  This is an example of one activity.


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