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Math: Learning Place Values

We’ve been working a lot with learning place values lately.  The girls enjoy using the charts and the various materials that they mix up to get the same number with different representations.  We use a combination of math workbooks that cover place value material and base 10 blocks with our workbooks.  We include an array of Montessori materials such as what you will see in the photography below.  In the pictures you’ll see the golden beads which are broken down into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.  You’ll also see the large and small bead frame or abacus.  We used the stamp game which has wooden tiles which represent the same place values mentioned above.  Additionally the girls used a place value whiteboard to record their answers and a flipchart to give a colorful visual and reminder of what number they were working on.  I also explained place value on a whiteboard alongside of their work being done.


Below are a few pictures of some of our work at the board using the Association Method.

The girls have also been enjoying their BrainQuest workbooks and have covered good areas in language.  The book covers math also.

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