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Learning Center Set up

I have been working on helping the girls be more independent while doing their work at the tables for things that we have gone over and have had lessons on.  I came across this system which is our new learning center for activities with more independent themed projects.   It is mostly language study but throws handwriting in there as well as fine motor activities like scissor skills.  A picture of the system is below. QA0H9457  The prep takes very little time to get started and only requires a few file folders and a hanging file folder holder works well for display so they can go and grab something by themselves they feel like working on.   The girls enjoyed picking their own folders and the easy to follow instructions so they could feel more independent while they worked though I was still there to follow through with questions.

I’ve also included some photography from some of our work we did at the board on a day of Association Method Language Learning and work the girls did on their ipads with their Lexia Core Language programs.

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