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Grammar and Snap Circuits

Grammar Board Work

The activity above is the grammar board which are Montessori based materials to teach grammar in language. The girls enjoy working with the bits and pieces and it makes it more interesting when the stamps become involved. After working with the sentences and breaking them down into individual words the kids can focus on what each one is as grammar in a sentence. Though the answers are easily recognized with the colors marking them through repetition I am seeing the girls recognize the parts of speech even when the color coding is not available.

After the girls used their wooden pieces to match up on the grammar board we spread out paper on the table and covered some of those same sentences by using the grammar stamps to find out the language parts.

Sentences with grammar stamps

After working with grammar we took out the Snap Circuits for a good portion of the day and created various projects. Below is pictured using sound to start up a speaker to play a song using a switch, a sound sensor, wires, and a battery pack/electricity pack.

Snap Circuits

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