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Multiplication and Geometry

Afraid I’ve lost track of what I’ve written about on the website in reference to my ledger book so I may be writing down a repeat of lessons.

We’ve been working on telling time a lot in our workbooks and using the Montessori Teaching Clock to work with different time units. Some of the work is easy and some age appropriate to learning time at their level. The easier work we use for handwriting practice.

The girls have worked on their common math workbooks with multiple choice with subjects such:

  1. Greater then and less than
  2. Place value
  3. Carrying over of tens and ones
  4. Discussion and labeling of geometry forms
  5. The difference between shapes
  6. Right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles (triangles)

The girls have been enjoying working with multiplication and their multiplication boards (Montessori). We’ve been using their mulitiplication workbooks alongside the boards.

Maggie independently got up and found the trinomal cube today and completed it without little struggle. The girls have been sick with a little cold so they have done less work than usual in the past two days. Maggie then completed the binomal cube and went onto the Rectangular Box A. This Box covers an array of topics including:

  1. Rectangle
  2. Square
  3. Rhombus
  4. Parallelogram
  5. Trapezoid
  6. Scalene Triangles
  7. Isosceles triangles
  8. Equilateral triangles
  9. right-angled triangles
  10. right-angled scalene triangles
  11. right angled isosceles triangles
  12. obtuse angled scalene triangles
  13. acute angled scalene triangles

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