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The Stamp Game and Reading

So I’ll start by posting pictures and describing what it is that are in them and the activities that are being focused on in those pictures. We’ve been sick with a cold for at least two weeks so everything is a complete jumble as far as what was learned on each day.

So above the girls are working on the Hooked on Phonics series and while one reads out loud the other works on matching up words to pictures according to sound sets or word relationship to picture. We used the moveable alphabet this day for spelling words too.

Above the girls work more on their word cards and word lists are added.

Above the girls are working on learning perimeter. After working on geometry I added the element of addition to help combine subjects while still keeping in track with the geometrical figures they love.

Above the girls are using the Stamp Game to work simple addition and subtraction to prepare them for multiplication with the stamp game. We use our multiplication boards for multiplication quite often so working with the stamp game will be different with the option to exchange tens for ones as we do in general math (though with the stamp game you get the opportunity to see the physical reaction versus just working with the numbers on paper). We will be working with the division board after a day or two of multiplication and shortly thereafter the long division work that we are all very excited about using.

I will be doing a separate post with some logged in information on the sister site and if I remember I’ll come back to link it here. 🙂

Here’s the link!

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