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Math and English

Some work we have been working on is Montessori based math materials. We’ve been using the stamp game to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This in an addition to the multiplication and division boards and just beginning the division boards with racks and tubes.

The girls have been working on the green montessori language series as well. And Hooked on Phonics box sets which they are flying through now. We have spent some time in their Brain Quest workbooks in between reading and worked on Lexia worksheets which are printed from their ipad subscriptions with Lexia learning for language. I am working with the girls on their handwriting with handwriting without tears to help with lining up their sentences with more clarity and spacing of words. Lily is doing a great job with her independent writing skills and Maggie is improving on the handwriting mistakes she used to make in the beginning. We have started reading our Peter Rabbit series again and the girls are enjoying the stories as they can read them very well now. We did a major review with Dubard on the board of sounds that were not covered as much as others. This log is in the Dubard ledger.

Above photos show division using the stamp game. Also division using racks and tubes.

Above shows the girls doing division with racks and tubes and working on the green language series (montessori).

The above is Hooked on Phonics and workbooks in between reading.

Above reading and handwriting skills.

Above are Peter Rabbit books, Preposition work at the board and addition and subtraction with the abacus.

Above materials are addition with the abacus and addition and subtraction with the golden beads.

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