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A past due post Part II

Above are a few last pics of some Dubard work at the board.

The above shows the girls working on both the grammar boards and the grammar boxes. Since we have been working on sentences and short stories at the board and identifying nouns, pronouns, verbs and prepositions I pulled this material out as it is a good match to work on the same subject. So we followed through with building sentences and using the wooden pieces to label the sentences then we used the same sentences to fill the language areas in the grammar boxes.

And above we have Lily and Maggie working on the green Montessori series language unit with Maggie looking very much like a card player. LOL!

Below are a few things that I may or may not have photographed.

Math workbooks we have been working on include DK Math workbooks and BrainQuest (both summer edition and 2nd and 3rd grade level workbooks). Additionally, we have completed the entire Hooked on Phonics box sets and are now just reading any leftover books that go with the set that we may have missed. The girls have advanced beautifully with their reading and we will miss the Hooked on Phonics reading program. We were very fortunate to have found an entire set of brand new books to work with from the used department of books on Amazon. I remember using them as a child and found that their newer verison of Hooked on Phonics was just not as good as the old sets. So we scored! But sadly it’s not available to everyone. Would be nice to see the old sets come back and the new ones dissappear! LOL!

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